The New Normal in Government

The challenges facing program managers across most Federal agencies are more daunting than ever before. Sequestration and political gridlock give a whole new meaning to "do more with less". The pressure to deliver against the mission, with fewer resources, is more severe than ever. This pressure is similar to what managers experience in the commercial sector.

ICP is teaming up with Program Managers at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Government Printing Office, and other agencies to navigate the new normal…with confidence and proven methodologies. Whether your mission is ensuring the safety of the nation’s transportation system, or defending the homeland, or improving reliability of the nation’s food supply; ICP can show you how to do more with limited resources. 

A few of our client success stories:

Situation - The manager of a shared (by multiple federal agencies) process faced increasing demand from customers but experienced a 5 year history of cost overruns. The client recognized that increasing appropriations was not feasible and was faced with the dire prospect of losing customers.

Results - With ICP, client eliminated process bottlenecks and reduced raw material consumption by 50%. These improvements allowed client to satisfy increasing customer demands while staying within budget.

Situation - A Government Program Manager, responsible for approving external vendor contracts for multiple agencies, faced a challenging bottleneck in the workflow. This led to long, and unpredictable, service turnaround times for several agencies leading to both higher vendor costs (for expediting services) and very unhappy customers.

Results - With ICP, client streamlined the approval process and reduced turnaround time from 8 days to 1 day! This improvement allowed client to satisfy increasing demands while staying within budget, and allowed customer agencies to do more with their existing budgets.


Why We Succeed with Government Clients 

We approach each engagement with a fresh perspective and never presume we know the solution. We then select the right tools, using our LEAD Methodology, to help clients achieve results. And, we measure results!