Achieving Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is more than a slogan. It's about striving for flawless execution, innovation, and continuous improvement. The sideways recovery heightens the need for a focused effort on the part of corporate leaders to provide a framework for innovation and continuous improvement. When your employees are fully engaged and have the resources and support to innovate products, service, and processes, you're on the path to operational excellence. 

We work with clients to embedd the Operational Excellence mindset across all business activity ranging from the order-to-cash cycle and IT integration, to reducing material costs and sales cycles.

The silver lining is that there are many opportunities across the value chain:

  • High Costs - Inconsistent and redundant functions and processes drive costs 
  • Production Delays - weeks and months to complete transactions, approve requests, deliver key products
  • Backlogs - Inefficient operations leads to backlog of customer transactions
  • Productivity - Losses due to inadequate information, searching for data, correcting errors 
  • Inconsistent Service Delivery - Everyday brings a new surprise..."sometimes we deliver and sometimes we don't" but everybody knows whom to blame when things go wrong

ICP has worked with organizations in a range of industries to address these challenges.

Situation – A manufacturer with a complex product mix (more than 1000 skus) suffered from very high steel scrap rates for many years. With the urgent need to conserve cash, the client recognized the opportunity available by reducing scrap rates.  

Result - ICP analyzed the client's business processes and designed changes in production planning, procurement, and shop floor operations. As a result, scrap rates declined from 35% to less than 20%, with annualized savings of more than $10 million.

Situation – A beverage distributor faced significant cost pressures due to lower-than-expected life cycle of reusable distribution containers. More than half their inventory had to replaced within 9 months versus an expected life of 18 months. Recognizing the cash flow impact, client engaged ICP to solve this problem. 

Result - ICP analysis isolated and quantified the problems at specific distribution centers that contributed to premature disposal of bottles. ICP implemented new processes for bottle handling and collection and reduced premature replacements to less than 10% of inventory.  

Why We Succeed with Commercial Clients 

We approach each engagement with a fresh perspective, never come in with canned solutions, and apply insights from the hundreds of projects we've done. Our LEAD Methodology provides a disciplined, fact-based framework for our client teams, while affording team leaders the flexibility to adapt it to each unique situation.