Our Clients

Our Clients Improve Performance By 3 to 1

Reducing Waste -

The manager of a shared (by multiple federal agencies) process faced increasing demand from customers but experienced a 5 year history of cost overruns. The client recognized that increasing appropriations was not feasible and was faced with the dire prospect of losing customers.

Results - With ICP, client eliminated process bottlenecks and reduced raw material consumption by 50%. These improvements allowed client to satisfy increasing customer demands while staying within budget.

Increasing Capacity -

A non-profit organization that manages constituents' professional credentialing (undergraduate and graduate transcripts, professional apprenticeships, licensing exams) had a 3-month backlog. Growing complaints from constituents and a tight budget required a solution that would not need additional resources or technology.

Results - ICP redesigned workflow to reduce turnaround time and increased capacity by a factor of 5. With new files processed within 1 week (versus 6 previously), the backlog quickly disappeared and client benefited from a significant reduction in complaints as well as lower customer service tickets.

Faster Customer Service -

A Government Program Manager, responsible for approving external vendor contracts for multiple agencies, faced a bottleneck in the workflow that resulted in lengthy, and unpredictable, service turnaround times. Several agencies now had to deal with both higher vendor costs (for expediting services) and very unhappy customers.

Results - ICP streamlined the approval process and reduced turnaround time from 8 days to 2! This improvement allowed client to satisfy increasing demand while staying within budget, and allowed customer agencies to do more within their existing budgets.