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Delivering Value - 3x Improvements in Operating Results

Finding the Blind Spots...Removing The Friction

ICP is a focused operations consulting firm serving the needs of companies, hospitals, and government. We work with you and your employees to remove the friction in routine operations that gets in the way of executing your strategy. Friction perpetuates a culture of blame rather than accountability, creates stress for employees, drives up operating costs, and negatively affects customers and stakeholders.

Your goal is to achieve your strategic objectives. Our goal is to accelerate achievement of strategic objectives.  We consistently deliver these using the LEAD Methodology as the foundation of our practice.

Creating sustainable improvement in any organization requires a combination of leadership, training, and a relentless focus on execution & metrics.

Our LEAD Methodology provides clients with a reliable and proven path to achieve their objectives. 

Business Process Managment

A structured approach to operational improvement is an important precursor for organizations considering the adoption of more rigorous operations strategies such as Lean Six Sigma.

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Lean Six Sigma

This is the fusion of two complementary business management philosophies, Lean and Six Sigma. Lean thinking, as the name...

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